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 Harshil Application | Approved |

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Harshil Application  | Approved | Empty
PostSubject: Harshil Application | Approved |   Harshil Application  | Approved | Icon_minitimeSat Jun 21, 2008 3:58 am

In-Game Name: FzN| Harshil

Location: London


Xfire: Gangsterh

Video of your GamePlay(Optional, easier determination)

Favorite Weapon: wow...i have a lot, mp5, sniper rifle, ak-47, ak74u, m4

How often can you be on: everyday

Are you, or ever have been in a clan: yes, once was in ta but it sucked so bad tbh

How much do you want to join us, and stay in your clan, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being stay in your clan: 10 =]

Tell us about yourself: I am a 14 year old gamer, who likes girls games and more Razz. I enjoy playing team games and call of duty 4 has become a favourite with fzN.

How did you Find out about FzN: Lots of my friends told me to join Razz Thanks coll and ice Razz

Can you donate to frozen, once/monthly(If so how much): Maybe not sure, need to check.
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Harshil Application  | Approved | Empty
PostSubject: Joining FzN   Harshil Application  | Approved | Icon_minitimeSat Jun 21, 2008 7:18 am

Ok Harshil, you are now an offical member of Frozen.

Did you already registrate? I will accept you, so you can see our Forum. ( FzN Members Forum)

If you have any questions, dont wait! and ask us! Just make a reply in of of our forums!

I'll hope you'll become a great member of Frozen!

See You on our server!! Please, join our server. Maby there is nobody, but someone has to be the first one. More pple will come, or you can invite some members or friends.

Need to go! Speak to you later! Cooleronie
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Harshil Application | Approved |
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