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 Wanna join FzN?

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Leader \/ IceBirg
Leader \/ IceBirg

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Wanna join FzN? Empty
PostSubject: Wanna join FzN?   Wanna join FzN? Icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2008 11:58 am

Hi all, this is IceBirg. Wanna join Frozen? heres how:

We need the following information:

In-Game Name
Video of your GamePlay(Optional, easier determination)
Favorite Weapon:
How often can you be on:
Are you, or ever have been in a clan:
How much do you want to join us, and stay in your clan, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being stay in your clan:
Tell us about yourself:
How did you Find out about FzN:
Can you donate to frozen, once/monthly(If so how much):


Post a ' New Topic ' after registering a forum account listing these details, and wait for an Admin to message you here in the forums that you can be a FzN Member!


If your thinking about joining this Clan, we need donations every month to create and keep a server running for a long time.
If your just joining this clan to have a good and fun experience...Ok its the right clan..
But if you think you can do whatever you want in it..then its the wrong clan.
You must respect all members, at all times..
This doesn't mean you can't joke and have fun It sincerely means you can't disrespect any members in a serious manner.

Donations are serious...You play an important role in this clan, Meaning you need to help support it..If you donate one time..thats good..But if you put money in to a pile every month then its great! This doesn't mean that your being forced to pay every month. It means that we really need your help in supporting a server!

Now Remember..When you want to join this clan, you want to join this clan. Meaning you must leave your current clan if approved, I don't like people that " Wants It All " sort of speak, its 1 and 1 only.

Take this all in, and think about what your doing before you join this clan, We do not tolerate Clan Hopping ( If a player joins a different clan every week, etc)..We hope you still want to join us after you read this, And thanks for applying!

If you have any thoughts / questions, email us at

Wanna join FzN? Icebirg
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Wanna join FzN?
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